How much to order?

Here are our suggestions:


Light Eaters- 1/3 pound of meat or 1/3 rack of ribs

Average Eaters- ½ pound of meat or ½ rack of ribs

Big Eaters- ¾ pound of meat or full rack of ribs


When to order?

Anytime for orders less than 50 people.

Larger orders will take more time to prepare. 

Minimum of 24 hours in advance for orders serving over 50 people. 

There may be times when we can serve you with less notice, just ask.


How to order?

Call us at 717-298-7900 or use our online ordering via ChowNow


Items are priced for pickup. Packaged together by item.

Meat by the Pound- Includes 2 BBQ sauces

Brisket            $26           

Pulled Pork      $17

Pulled Chicken  $17         

Half Rack Ribs  $18          

Full Rack Ribs   $26

Sausage          $15


Wings- So good they deserve their own section

Includes Celery and Blue Cheese

25 Wings   $37.50   

50 Wings   $75

75 Wings   $112.50  

100 Wings  $150


Family Dining Packages-

Small (feeds 4 adults)- 2 Pounds of meat, 2 side choices, biscuits and BBQ sauce. $80

Large (feeds 6 adults)- 3 Pounds of meat, 3 side choices, biscuits and BBQ sauce. $105


Meat choices- 

Pulled Pork, Sliced Brisket ($5), Smoked Pulled chicken, mild sausage, ribs ($5) or wings.


Custom quotes also available.



Side Choices-

Coleslaw, BBQ chips, Mac and Cheese, Smoked Baked Beans,

Corn Fritters or Collard Greens and Ham


Prices do not include tax. Prices subject to change.